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Product Description

Myotrend® MYOPRE™ is specially formulated to push and exceed your training threshold. Each ingredient is tactfully dosed to help you perform above and beyond your current limits while increasing energy and focus. MYOPRE™ is manufactured in a facility that is FDA inspected and is certified by the globally recognized Informed-Sport. This will ensure that every batch of products bearing the Informed-Sport logo, like MYOPRE™, has been tested for a variety of banned substances in its world class anti-doping testing facility.

Suggested Use

MYOPRE™ should be taken by all athletes whether you are professional, amateur, or novice. When you want the new standard for in MYOPRE™, you create the new standard. Mix one scoop in “XXX” amount of water before your training session to not only maximize, but optimize your time in the gym.

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