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  • Multi-Phase Thermogenic
  • Increase Fat Loss & Metabolism*
  • Next Level Energy
  • Complete Transparency To Exceed Your New Standard
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Product Description

Myotrend® HEAT is a your new standard, next level thermogenic designed to take your fat loss goals to the next level. We optimized the formula for you to avoid overwhelming doses of stimulants and target far burning through three different mechanisms. We wanted you to not only burn fat through an increased metabolism, but also allow you to utilized nutrients more efficiently and increase your core temperature. Heat is the only fat burner you will need to achieve your fat loss goals.

Suggested Use

Take 1 serving (3 capsules) about an hour after you wake up and/or 30 minutes before training to maximize your fat loss.

Chromax® High performance chromium picolinate that regulates blood sugar and decreases your hunger to exceed your fat loss goals (1,2)
Grains of Paradise Activates a special type of fat called brown fat. These fat cells are different because they are metabolically active and help with fat loss (3).
CAPSIMAX® Designed to increase the breakdown of fat without making you jittery by raising your core temperature (4).
BIOPERINE® Further enhances the breakdown of body fat and absorption of the key nutrients in BURN leading to its beneficial effects on body fat.