• Amazingly Delicious Taste*
  • Helps Reduce Appetite*
  • Helps Transform Body Fat to Energy*
  • Sustained Focus and Concentration (SMART SUPPLEMENT)*
  • Absolutely ZERO calories / Absolutely ZERO Sugar*

Product Description

MYOTREND® BURN is the ultimate lifestyle based “thermogenic fat burner.” A product that is equally effective when you’re training or living your life. Athletes, bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, basically anyone wanting to optimize their fat loss, enhance energy & focus, and avoid the afternoon crash must use BURN.

The formula includes five (5) specialty ingredients with a combined:

  • 55 Number of Scientific Studies
  • 14 Number of U.S. and Global Patents
  • 9 Supported Claims

The main ingredient (Capsimax™) is encapsulated in a patented beadlet technology created to eliminate the otherwise harsh and burning sensation associated with capsaicin the active ingredient in red peppers. The desired effect: mobilization of fat stores and conversation of calories for energy production.

In addition to increasing body temperature, converting fat to energy BURN also is formulated to produce razor sharp focus and concentration, regulate blood sugar and improve exercise threshold.

myotrend-capsimax Designed to increase the breakdown of fat without making your jittery by raising your core temperature (1).
myotrend-bioperine Further enhances the breakdown of body fat and absorption of the key nutrients in BURN leading to its beneficial effects on body fat.
myotrend-chromax High performance chromium picolinate that regulates blood sugar and decreases your hunger to exceed your fat loss goals (2,3)
myotrend-carnosyn-beta-alanine One of the most researched supplements in the market designed to decrease fatigue and increase performance during your training sessions (4).
myotrend-teacrine A supplement similar to caffeine, without the stimmed, shaky feeling. Will enhance energy, focus, and motivation in and out of the gym (5).

Suggested Use

Adults should begin use by mixing one serving (1 scoop) with approximately 6 to 8 ounces of water or juice immediately prior to training and/or at work and in between meals. Assess tolerance before increasing dose to two servings (2 scoops). Do not exceed more than two servings in a single use or three servings in a 24-hour period.

BURN can be used as a pre-workout supplement or an anytime during the day energy pick-me-up. A large number of users have replaced their morning cup of coffee with one to scoops of BURN.

Individuals that use BURN prior to training should as a rule, do so prior to cardio. The results most commonly reported include:

  • The Most Noticeable Effect was Cardio Being Kicked up to the Next Level
  • Of Equal Consequence was the Amount of Sweating and Water Loss During Training

Individuals, using the product at work are expected to enjoy heightened concentration and focus and energy pick up free from jitters and anxiety. The addition of the amino acid L-Theanine was made to take the curb off of caffeine. Its most impactful contribution to today’s dietary supplements lies in its ability to attenuate the stimulant energy edge. When used in conjunction with caffeine in an approximate dose of 200mg it works synergistically to improve cognition and responsiveness.

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